Smishing Cyber Attacks Target Customers Via Text Message

By Gavin | August 23, 2018

As Americans get smarter about robocall fraud and phony emails, cybercriminals are stepping up their game to get your personal information instead of phishing emails.

They're sending SMS text to your mobile phone, and an increasingly popular scam called smishing, you'll take your phone out, you'll say 'oh, no', and you'll actively respond to it, and then they've got you the Better Business Bureau says consumers report, thousands of dollars lost from just one text.

These messages try to grab your attention alleging your bank account has been compromised like this one claiming to show a suspicious withdrawal from an ATM smishing message, usually include a link or phone number urging you to click or call. If you do hackers could steal your personal information or infect your phone with malware you as a consumer are looking at the website on a very tiny screen as well as the notification that makes it harder to notice the cues that you usually use to tell apart a fraudulent site from a real one.

There's no foolproof way to block smishing messages, but security specialists recommend do not reply call back or click on the link instead look up your bank and call a verified number, always delete suspicious text and never share your phone number on social media, protecting yourself, as hackers deploy new tactics to win your trust.